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What is Moto Trials? 

Formerly known as "trials" or "observed trials", moto-trials is the sport or riding a motorcycle through a marked course called a "section", with the aim of not putting your foot down or incurring any penalty points.


Sections might include rocky creeks, rock boulders, fallen logs, banks, hills, or tree roots.

In fact anything that's a challenge to a rider and machine!


Moto-trials isn't about racing against others to be first across the line, but about testing the skill of

the rider against the terrain, and attempting to beat your fellow competitors by incurring less penalty

points on the way.

The Challenge

Balance, machine control and an ability to read the terrain are the key skills involved with moto-trials, skills which quickly improve with practice. And these skills will also benefit any other motorcycling you do. There's a reason why many top international riders

across the full spectrum of two-wheeled motorsport use moto-trials to hone their bike control skills.


A moto-trial competition can take place anywhere the terrain is challenging, such as on rough farm land or in a

quarry, with short laps of ten short sections making up a typical day. Penalty points are incurred for

touching a foot on the ground, falling off, riding outside the section boundary and so on. The winner is

the rider in each grade with the lowest points tally at the end of the competition.


But although moto-trials is a competiotion it is also a personal challenge, and can be riden at whatever level you are comfortable with, progressing up the grades at your own pace. There's always the opportunity to learn from more experienced riders, and to challenge yourself against other riders at the same level.

A Sport For All 

Grades/Classes are run to cater for all skill levels from beginners to expert level with males and females, young and old competing equally alongside each other. It's not uncommon to see three generations from one family competing together.


Starting young is a definite advantage and it doesn't take long for the kids to show the oldies how it's done.

Moto-trials is a great family sport, and there are always new or used trial bikes looking for a new owner. And if budget wont allow, one bike can be shared by two riders (if one doesn't mind walking between the sections).

The Bikes

The bikes are "Trials" motorcycles built specifically for the sport of moto-trials allowing skilled riders to perform semingly impossible tasks although a trail/farm/enduro bike could be riden in lower grade sections. 

Europe is where the sport of moto-trials is the strongest. Most are 125cc to 300cc two strokes, with some manufacturers also providing four strokes. The latest model bike may be an advantage, but there are still many riders having fun on bikes dating back to the 70's. 

When and Where?

There are several moto clubs around New Zealand that run moto-trials. These clubs usually run monthly trials, and there is also a North Island and South Island Championship series held each year, culminating in the New Zealand Moto-Trials Championship over three days each Labour Weekend.


If you're keen to know more or become in the sport of moto-trials, check out the Motorcycling New Zealand website


To find out when the next MOMCC moto-trials is on check the moto-trials Events Calendar or, for more info, contact

Kevin Pinfold on either 06 326 8666 or email at

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